CAT is committed to the principles of FUNDAMENTAL MOVEMENT.

Speed, Agility and Quickness...the principles of Fundamental Movement

Prominent Leicestershire-based Councillor, Alan Pearson, has been supporting CAT in developing an understanding of the principles of SAQ. Alan has generously offered this summary of his SAQ work:

During the past 20 years, SAQ International has developed a number of ground breaking movement based training programmes placed locally and nationally. The programmes meet with approval and success, linking schools, sports clubs, community organisations and families.

This positive effect on personal and community development leads to:

  • Improved learning skills, behaviour, confidence and well-being.
  • The Development of Gifted and Talented young people.
  • Achieving fundamental and developmental movement targets within the educational system.
  • Community physical activity levels reducing obesity and diabetes and helping with its prevention.
  • General health and healthy eating
  • Special Educational Needs.
  • Early developmental movement (Early Years Intervention Programmes) and elite sports performance.

SAQ’s client base is second to none including: FC Bayern Munich, FC Barcelona, Arsenal FC, Manchester United, The FA, English Rugby Union, French Football Federation, Reading Hockey, Essex Cricket and Australian Rugby League, to name but a few. This expertise and sports science medicine knowledge has been used to develop world leading programmes for children from the age of two upwards.

How have we done it? SAQ training programmes are continually developed through independent and quality assured, evidence-based processes using nationally recognised training awards and packages and the provision of first class resources, the supply of practical, functional equipment and expert hands-on consultancy.

In 2015, SAQ International was asked to conduct a ground breaking pilot research project, physically evaluating over 2,000 children and implementing an intervention programme throughout schools in Leicestershire. This was funded by Public Health; data was overseen by Leicester De Montfort University and senior public health physicians with a steering committee also including the County Sports Partnership and the School Development Support Agency. The results, intervention and physical evaluation programme have been recognised as ground breaking and a game changer in how we implement physical activity in schools.

CAT aims to implement SAQ programmes in all partner schools and academies and is committed to the principles that underpin this exciting and innovative philosophy.

Our thanks to Councillor Pearson for this valuable insight.

Click here for some remarkable research findings, first published by Councillor Pearson in November 2016.