Based upon five core CAT principles...

High expectations of Behaviour and Attendance 

All Central Academies Trust schools will have the highest expectations of behaviour and attendance, they will be calm, orderly learning communities, developing mutual respect between students and students and students and adults.

No islands

All Central Academies Trust schools will be supported and challenged to develop sustainable improvement by sharing their expertise across the primary and secondary sectors. School to school cooperation is the essence of our Trust.

Every Student Matters

Central Academies Trust (CAT) believes every student has potential and therefore can succeed, even in the most challenging circumstances.

No excuses

All Central Academies Trust schools will have teachers working in partnership with support staff, parents, carers, Governors, other agencies and the local community to ensure all students reach their potential. There will be no excuses for underachievement.

Quality learning

All Central Academies Trust schools will be led by inspirational leaders who are driven by a desire to focus on quality learning and the recruitment, development and support of outstanding staff.



Speed, Agility and Quickness

Trustee and Director Steve White is leading the CAT in developing our interest in fundamental movement, a philosophy committed to securing not only the role of sport in the school curriculum, but more seminally, the inclusion and embedding of SPEED, AGILITY and QUICKNESS (SAQ). Click the link on the top navigation menu to see a summary of some fascinating evidence-based research.

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